Welcome to UrbanRecord! This site is an online archive for printed works relating to hip-hop and electronica music. To some, a party flyer or concert poster is just a practical medium to convey information. For many others, music print embodies the culture of a particular style of music. Through the use of certain fonts, text, and images, music print transmits cultural information into pop culture. After browsing UrbanRecord, it should become evident that there are marked differences between hip-hop and electronica print, with even more distinction existing in their respective sub-genres. All the images in the database are searchable by any combination of fields, so it is easy to find exactly what you are looking for, whether it be a rave poster from the early 90’s or a flyer for a certain rap group.

UrbanRecord is maintained under the Edmonton Popular Literature Project by the University of Alberta. UrbanRecord is powered by the Streetprint Engine and is in association with Streetprint.org. Printed works have been collected from the street by staff, or donated generously from private collections.